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A weekend of shopping!

Wow! Who would have thought this crazy journey would end up taking me where I stood this weekend? As we prep for samples to be produced and materials to be sourced for production, my first order of business was to shop, shop shop! When you design a product that does not currently exist in the market one of the perks is you get to pick everything and I mean everything. From zippers to fabric to finishes and hardware. The options are endless and I received quite the crash course in each as I made my way around NYC!

Although it may feel like the bags will never come to fruition, I have to remember that this is a process! Over the next few months we will check off milestone after milestone.

Together we will get to that magic moment when we can announce that the bags are in and we've officially shipped the very first one!

Are you curious about what is on the milestone checklist? Here is our very abbreviated running and ever changing list!

  • Material Collection - Done

  • "Dummy" Sample Production

  • Approval or Revision

  • Material Sourcing

  • Pre-Orders Begin

  • Counter Sample and Pattern

  • Approval or Revision

  • Production of Material Sample Bags Begins

  • Approval or Revision

  • Production Begins

We will go through each milestone as we check it off! The one that everyone should be on the lookout for is the Pre-Order kick off. Production of a brand new design takes weeks and we certainly don't want anyone to be without their Fulton for Life handbag any longer then they have to! Once we get closer, our online store will launch with pictures and descritions. You will also be able to find us a events and pop up stores across the country. We cannot wait!


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