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V.I.P. Events


New styles, designs and colors are launched during exclusive V.I.P. events.  We do have instances where select pieces have sold out before ever hitting our website. Click here to join our tribe for access to V.I.P. events and sample sales!



Ship dates are specific to each bag and sometime color.  Please refer to the shipping tab under the piece you are interested in for specific ship dates. Bags are shipped in the order that they were purchased.  You will receive an email notification when your bag ships with tracking information.


We will always make an effort to keep the cost of shipping down and when we can, give it to you for free.  We love free shipping!  Current shipping pricing and options will be provided at checkout.

Custom Designs

Looking for something specific for an event or every day? Maybe you can't live without that perfect shade of eggplant.  We get it.  Email Lynne Stone on our Fulton Happiness team with all the details!

Happy Customers  


At this time Fulton for Life does not accept returns.  We've never been asked to take back a bag we produced and we don't intend to start now. We will always strive to make our friends as happy as possible.  If you are not satisfied with your purchase please email us at Fulton Happiness Team and we will be happy to exchange your current purchase for another in stock product.



Incorrect Items  

We are human and mistakes they happen.  We strive for 100% satisfaction but again mistakes they happen.  If we have sent you an incorrect item please email our Fulton Happiness Team so they can get you the correct item as quickly as possible. 

Taking Care of your Fulton  

Just like you your bag will need some TLC.  We recommend treating your bag with a leather protector prior to use.  Follow the care instructions to ensure you get as many great years with your new friend as possible.


Interested in having Fulton for Life in your store?   It couldn't be simpler.  Email us to get access to everything you need to partner with us!

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