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Erin Counihan is the owner of Fulton for Life. She is the curator of each Fulton handbag.  Personally sketching designs, she's the first to admit it is shocking that something she sketches on paper executes so beautifully in real life and as planned.


Why the name Fulton for Life?


For the walk I grew up on at the beach.

Fulton and Church. 

Where I was when I knew I just needed to leap.

What's the Fulton story?


It's all about family and failure.

Every failure in my life was just leading me here.  Preparing me.  

So, I guess the story is really a lesson.

Failure is all part of the plan. 

You just don't know it when you are flat on your face in the mud. 


To remind me family comes first.

My family, the ones who love me even when I fail.  Who lift me up and dust me off. They design my logo, let me name bags after them, they pick colors and they carry bags.  They encourage me to leap and they bridge the gap when I come up short.  It is an endless amount of love.

Fulton is a labor love. 

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