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Life is about creating adventures and opportunties that allow us to achieve.

When you choose to purchase a Fulton for Life bag you are choosing change. 

You are choosing to be part of the revolution. 

Together, we can build a company that provides jobs and opportunities to people in our communities that without us may never get the chance to shine.

Fulton for Life strives to partner with special education programs in local communities to bring jobs, skills and opportunties to all our kids.

With you, we can create jobs in marketing, packaging, sales - the opportunties are endless.

We believe it can be done because we believe in the power of good.

We belive in the power of you.

Follow our story. 

Believe in our mission.

Be a part of the change.

Think you may have the perfect students and community for a Fulton pop up?  

Email us at 

We'd love to come for a visit!


Be inspired

Fulton for Life designs and executes beautifully classic, elegantly smart and resplendently well crafted accessories for men and women.  Our unique designs have been specifically created to allow you to accomplish amazing feats everyday. 

Hand made in Florence, Italy. Crafted with care from hand selected Italian leather, each Fulton bag is finished off with our signature custom hardware.


Our designs are inspired by everyday life and our hope is that our accessories inspire you to live each day to the fullest.


The most amazing part of art and beauty is its ability to constantly inspire others.  We hope the art of our designs and the beauty of the craftsmanship will inspire you.



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