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History in the Making

Fulton for Life. Anyone who knows me will know where our name gets it’s meaning from. My history and family have shaped who I am. It was important that our future was grounded in that history.

When I think about all the things that had to happen for me to get to this point I realize that there truly is a plan for each of us. The past is so important. Whether we want it to or not, our past shapes who we are. It lays the foundation for the person we become and it drives us forward. I am a firm believer in making mistakes, mainly because each of my mistakes has gotten me to this point. Most people don’t like to make mistakes. Mistakes show our flaws, demonstrates the necessity to grow or change and can drive us to step backward instead of forward. It took me a very long time to realize in order to grow, to learn, to believe in myself, I had to believe in my ability to fail. In order to fail, you must first try. You must believe in yourself, your idea and be willing to take steps forward to succeed. When I first embarked on this adventure I was hesitant to communicate that this was my endeavor. I was afraid of failing, afraid that my idea wasn’t good enough. I was afraid that this would all be a mistake. Then I realized that all my mistakes, all my success and all my failures had gotten me to the point I am at today.

Once upon a time I took a NJ Transit train to Penn Station with my dad. I watched successful women navigate the streets in their suits and sneakers and I wanted to be them. Fast forward 20 something or so years, and I walk those same streets, in my sneakers and it was that dream that led me to this one. Had my dad never taken me to work with him, never instilled in me that I could be anything, do anything, even when I was failing with epic wonder. If those moments had never happened all those years ago, I would not have taken the walks that led me to design my first bag. Without my first design there would be no Fulton for Life.

I know that there will be ups and downs. I know that we will have our failures but we will also find success.

Erin Counihan

Owner, Fulton for Life

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